Media Advocacy Group (MAG)

Media Advocacy Group (MAG) is a national-level Non-Governmental Organization working in Nepal since 2008 for the promotion of Right to Information (RTI), Gender Equality & Women Empowerment, and Rights of marginalized communities through media mobilization. MAG works in close coordination with policymakers, developmental agencies, CSOs that work for women and marginalized groups including migrant workers, and media to support to maintain full democracy and freedom of rights in Nepal by linking and practicing the Right to Information of these groups.

MAG’s goal is to create a well-informed, peaceful, and gender-equal society. MAG aims to achieve this through policy and media advocacy, capacity development, awareness creation through media along with developing trust and mutual understanding between the media and civil society. MAG’s mission is to inform, advocate and lobby against all the unjust practices in society to form well-informed citizenry.