Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS)

Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS), a non-governmental research institute established in 1998, has been working on prioritized issues of Nepal’s development, with migration as its main focus. The organization develops advocacy materials to facilitate policy formulation process. It has maintained a professional demeanor for research on its own in pioneering areas and in collaboration with other national, regional and international organizations. In addition to pure research, it is also involved in action research, implementation and policy advocacy for the voiceless and vulnerable groups such as migrant workers and their families. NIDS aims to contribute to the socio-economic development by undertaking innovative research and supporting alternative development models for sustainable development. The organization is an active member of CARAM Asia, FK (Fredskorpset-Norway) Network Nepal, SAMReN (South Asia Migration Resources Network), APACHA (Asian Peoples’ Alliance for Combating HIV and AIDS) and SARIQ (South Asian Regional Initiative/Equity support Program), to name a few. The largest migration survey viz. Nepal Migrants Survey-2009, Nepali Women in the Middle East, 2013, Baseline Survey of Potential and Returnee Women migrants-2016, Cost of Migration to Qatar-2015 and Migrant Cost Survey-2016, Nepal Migration Profile 2019 and Status of Nepali Migrants in the Context of COVID-19 have impacts on the labour migration policies. With COVID-19 limiting jobs opportunities in the countries of destination, NIDS is more focused on finding ways to create employment opportunities in the country.

Name of the Organization: Nepal Institute of Development Studies (NIDS)
Contact: 014721253
Focal person: Chiranjivi Baral (9841337037);