Asian Human Rights and Culture Development Forum (Asian Forum)

Asian Human Rights and Culture Development Forum, Asian Forum, since its establishment in the year 2005 by the returnee migrant workers has been actively working for the respect, protection and fulfillment of Human Rights, especially, the migrants’ rights through the advocacy, awareness, researches, services and programs.

Asian Human Rights and Culture Development Forum formerly referred to as ‘AHRCDF’ has been officially being referred as ‘Asian Forum’ from 1st January 2015 considering the significance of its name.

Asian Forum with the aim to serve as the forum to contribute in strengthening the underprivileged, marginalized and the poor in different aspects of the life has been working in the fields of education, health care, skill development, culture conservation and awareness of the migrants and their families. With the strength of its network of more than 450 returning migrants members throughout the country at various levels (No compulsory financial contribution is sought from the members) with regional committees in all five development regions and district committees in 30 districts Asian Forum is determined to elevate the standard of life to attain the recognition of the society and the individual in the international arena by creating the educational and employment opportunities.

In addition to its regular programs and activities Asian Forum also addresses the need-based social problems and facilitates the needy people considering its requirement. Lately, Asian Forum is serving the victim of earthquake 2015 by conducting various relief distribution program in coordination with We-Friends, Korea by facilitating the victims with tent, food and organizing counseling program to those who are still in trauma due to recent natural disaster.

Creation of equitable society with equal opportunity and dignified life.

Initiative for the access to information and justice, exploring possibilities, opportunity on the basis of knowledge, skill and capacity.

1. To provide Advocacy for the human rights
2. To provide Education to the children, women and youth for the better living
3. To provide Health Services to the underprivileged and marginalized population
4. To perform Research in the fields of human rights, migrant workers, children and women’s quality of life
5. To provide Consultancy services to the migrant workers, youths and women for their enterprise
6. To conduct Trainings to the youths and the women for the graceful living
7. To conduct the community development programs for the welfare of community people with an aim of equal and active participation