Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS Nepal)

Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS Nepal) is a non-profit making and non-governmental organization working for social transformation by promoting social justice and community awareness on human rights. It works for labour rights through labour education, advocacy, awareness, and capacity building. It is a platform of trade unionists, educators, and research professionals. It facilitates dialogue and collaborative efforts among its stakeholders. It was established in early 2007 AD. Research / study in labour issues is prime concern of organization.

CLASS Nepal envisions a peaceful, progressive, democratic nation which values the contribution of all sectors of society, and which does not discriminate based on caste, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation; and where all workers share in the prosperity of the nation.

CLASS Nepal aims to strengthen the labour and social justice movement in Nepal so as to establish a just community, transform social conflict into positive force for the betterment of society, and to encourage peaceful co-existence as opposed to using violence as means to resolve conflict.

– Creating awareness on human rights, labour rights and their responsibilities amongst the working people and general public through workshops, training, seminars and conference.
– Undertaking case studies on the labour situation in Nepal.
– Providing professional services for the needy communities to meet their specific goals.
– Providing leadership training.

1. Provide effective advocacy for promoting decent work and respect for labour.
2. Give high priority and focus its activities to labour education.
3. Facilitate greater dialogue between and amongst labour, employer and other stakeholders in order to strengthen commonalities to find peaceful solutions to ongoing problems.
4. Build the capacity of labour related stakeholders in order to better execute the objectives.
5. Provide policy advice based on research findings in labour issues to facilitate the drafting of legislation which takes into account workers rights.