NNSM meets Hon’ble Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Nepal

National Network for Safe Migration-NNSM meets Ms. Indira Rana, Hon’ble Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Nepal on 8 Aug 2023 and discussed on the various issues of foreign labour migration. NNSM attracted her attention on revision of Foreign Employment Policy 2012; amendment of Foreign Employment Act, 2007, Mobility Restriction on Female Migrant Workers for Domestic Work, Undocumented Migrant Workers; Voting Rights of Migrant Workers, Reintegration of Migrant Workers, among others. During the discussion, Hon’ble Deputy Speaker was very positive to the issues raised and expressed that she is raising and will raise those concern at House of Representatives. She was also cautious that mobility restriction on female migrant workers is against the fundamental rights. NNSM submitted a letter of request to Hon’ble Deputy Speaker.