Centre for Social Change (CSC)

Founded in 2015, Centre for Social Change (CSC) is a non-profit making organization working on the changing socio-dynamics of Nepalese society via research, education, advocacy, and civic engagement. CSC works on issues around conflict prevention, migration, governance, and civil society development.

CSC conducts research with an aim to identify the existing problems associated with migration, their causes, and consequences, as well as opportunities and challenges. CSC, from the very beginning of its establishment is focused on identifying needs of migrant workers, maximizing the benefits of migration, and find appropriate approaches and strategies to the protection of migrant workers in the destination countries. CSC regularly publishes infographics, reports on migration issues, and disseminate them among relevant stakeholders through various means including wider social media campaign. CSC’s most recent publication on migration includes the publication of a section on migration under “Governance at a Glance” report that could be accessed at http://gmcnepal.org/. Other migration related publication of CSC can be found at www.socialchange.org.np.

Link to our website: https://socialchange.org.np/